Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls

Game: Wayward Souls
Developer: RocketCat Games (published by Noodle Cake Studios)
Game Web Site: http://www.noodlecake.com/games/wayward-souls/

Controller/FireTV CompatibleTouchscreen/Fire Tablet Compatible

Wayward Souls is the third game I tested significantly from the February 2017 Android RPG Humble Bundle on my Fire TV.  This game is an an action/adventure style game with procedurally generated levels.

As someone who discovered Rogue at a Comp Sci summer camp in 1987, at the age of 13,  when I hear “Rogue-like” it has a more specific meaning to me than most.  This game checks a lot of those boxes: procedural levels, permadeath, and RPG elements.

Unfortunately, while the game looks like it probably works fine on the Fire TV, the version of the game that ships with the Humble Bundle requires Google Play Services.  It complains at startup, and after playing the introductory level, the game seems to hang.  I’ll have to test out the Amazon version at some point, but at this point the version that I own doesn’t play on my devices.


Fire Hardware Compatibility:

I have tested the game on my 2015 Fire TV (2nd Gen). Amazon shows compatible with all generations of Fire tablets, but, oddly enough, doesn’t show it is compatible with Fire TV.  This seems to be an oversight since the game clearly states that it it supports game pads, and I’ve reached out to the developers for clarification.


I have played this game with a controller on my Fire TV with no problems.  I have not played it on touchscreen.

GameCircle Integration:

N/A in Humble Bundle Version

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Amazon Links:

Amazon Download ($7)
My Amazon Review

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