The Missing Games

In the hierarchy of app stores, Amazon is in an interesting position.  Apple is king, and where the most paying customers are.  Google has a huge installed base but also a huge amount of piracy, so a lot of developers target Android after iOS.  Ignoring various exclusivity agreements that impact the marketplace, Amazon’s Fire OS, as a custom fork of Android, is mostly targeting developers who are already developing for mainstream Android, but getting them to add the Fire ecosystem customizations.

This doesn’t always work out as well as Fire ecosystem customers would like, particularly when it comes to apps that are really primarily phone apps rather than tablet apps, since Amazon’s (first?) Fire Phone wasn’t a success.  This web site really isn’t focused on that sort of software, of course.  If there’s one place that Amazon SHOULD have a huge advantage it’s full feature games, because of the Fire TV, and that’s exactly what we’re focused on.

The Fire TV’s installed base should be an attractive target, and there are lots of good games in Amazon’s App Store, but there are some notable exceptions that I’ve been finding as I’ve been looking for games to add to the collection. For instance, I’ve found lots of solid console ports, but the Tomb Raider games aren’t among them, even though they’ve been ported to Android.

I’ve started a discussion topic in the forums with a few games I’ve found, and would appreciate hearing other suggestions there.

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