Game: Terraria
Latest Version Played: 1.2.12801
Developer: Re-logic (Android version by 505 Games)
Game Web Site: http://505games.com/games/terraria

Controller/FireTV CompatibleTouchscreen/Fire Tablet Compatible

Terraria ranks up with Minecraft: Pocket Edition as one my son’s favorite Kindle games, and using a controller and playing Terraria on the Fire TV is even better.  It’s the sort of game that will give hours and hours and hours of gameplay.

You will see a lot of comparisons between Terraria and Minecraft, and they’re not unjustified. Both are complex games with procedurally generated worlds, digging, crafting, and lots of esoteric things that require you to look in wikis to figure out what’s going on. I find them very different, though, as Terraria feels much more like a “game” with bosses, etc. than Minecraft, where I have more fun creating complicated things to achieve goals. Both are a hoot to play and highly recommended.

A note: the android, iOS, etc. ports by 505 Games are mobile versions of the game that are not feature compatible with the full PC version of the game and servers that support it. This is similar to Pocket Minecraft vs. PC Minecraft.

Compatibility Notes:

Terraria was previously available on the 1st Gen 2014 Fire TV Stick.  It worked, but performance was definitely marginal.  As of fall 2016, it is no longer listed as compatible with this device and does not receive new app updates.

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