Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game

Game: Stranger Things: The Game
Developer: Bonus XP
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Controller/FireTV CompatibleTouchscreen/Fire Tablet Compatible

I can’t quite explain it, but somehow one of the coolest new Fire games I’ve played in a while is a retro (think SNES) game created as a promotion for a Netflix TV series.  What?

In the world of Android/iOS gaming, most of the good games are ports of old console games, and most of the rest is “freemium.”  Crazy enough, this game is neither.  It LOOKS like an ancient console game, and it doesn’t cost a dime, but don’t worry about in-app purchases.  The crazy thing is that it’s a legitimately good game.  If this was out in 1992, you would totally have wanted it for your SNES.

Gameplay feels appropriate for the SNES era.  The game consists of a top-down view where you use various Stranger Things characters to explore, solve exploration puzzles, and beat dungeons with bosses.  I’m sure it helps if you watch Stranger Things, but the game is fun even if you don’t get all the Stranger Things plot related items.  I see comparisons to Zelda, and maybe A Link to the Past isn’t a bad comparison.

The standard mode includes checkpoint saving a bit more like you’d expect today, so deaths don’t cost you that much, but you can play the game in a “Classic” mode that makes deaths send you to the beginning of dungeons and makes mobs respawn so you can’t just walk back through the rooms you’ve been through, which pretty much nails Zelda dungeon failures.

All in all the game was a hoot for me as a fan of Stranger Things and a guy who grew up with an Atari 2600 and NES.  For a read on how the game was created, check out this article in The Dallas Observer.


Fire Hardware Compatibility:

The game plays fine on all generations of the Fire TV platform.  It requires Android 4.4 or newer, so should be compatible with Fire tablets from the 2013 generation forward.


I have played this game with a game controller on my Fire TV on touchscreen.  The game design works both ways, but it seems like the touchscreen controls are the way that it’s designed to be played and the game is quite a bit easier with touchscreen.  That said, controller play still feels good and only occasionally creates real targeting difficulties.  If you haven’t played touchscreen, you probably won’t miss it.  Like other FireTV games, you can play it with the FireTV remote, but I don’t really recommend it.

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