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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is an RPG originally released in 2003 on the XBox, that has since been ported to a number of platforms. This is a full port of a serious console game to Android, and a lot of fun to play.

The game is a console RPG set long before the Star Wars movies, with a Jedi/Sith storyline that is fun, and that I won’t spoil. It’s widely considered one of the best video games of its day, of its decade, and one of the best Star Wars games.

KOTOR is not considered “canon” in the Star Wars universe, but the game is still spectacular.


  • The game will download about 2.5 GB in content on its first launch after the initial install. Console games are large, so you need to have a lot of free space.  For some reason the game insists that this free space be on your internal storage, not your SD Card.  If you don’t have enough internal storage free, the install will fail.
  • Aspyr support specifically says that the data cannot be moved to your SD Card.
  • No Underground on the Fire TV platform, which is a major bummer. You can sideload the Underground version, or you can purchase the game for $10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and play it on all the Fire TV platforms except the first gen 2014 Fire TV Stick. It’s worth $10, but I love the Underground model.
  • Having played the game previously on an iPad, I recommend playing with a controller.  While the touch controls are truly excellent, and the developers are to be commended for the effort they put into them, there are a few areas, particularly the minigames, where they just aren’t really adequate.  Remember, this is a game that was designed for the Xbox and it plays like it.  All the prompts will be about playing in touch mode if you play it on a touch device (a non-touch device like the Fire TV will give you controller prompts), but it still plays better from a controller.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

The game requires Android 4.1 or greater. For Amazon devices this means 2013 Kindle Fire HD/HDX or newer. It plays fine on a 2013 Fire HDX, but I haven’t tested on a 2013 Fire HD, which was still using a TI OMAP series processor vs. the Qualcom Snapdragon 800 in the HDX. That’s a huge difference in horsepower.  That said, it seems to play OK with the graphics options cranked up on the 2013 HDX, so it might still be OK on the 2013 HD, too.  The default install had graphics options turned down.

GameCircle Integration:

Amazon GameCircle integration includes Achievements.  There are no Leaderboards and no support for Syncing between devices.

Developer: Aspyr (port, original game developed by BioWare)
Game Web Site:

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