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RetroArch 1.4.1 Open Beta


The next major update to RetroArch, version 1.4.1, has moved to “Open Beta” status and is now the new stable branch.

You can read the announcement here,  but a summary:

  • Improved Netplay.  This is the major new feature, and also the reason they’re calling it a beta.
  • UTF-8 language support
  • Free Bomberman clone, Mr.Boom.  multiplayer only.
  • New menu effects to make things prettier
  • Vulkan N64 (ParaLLel) and PSX (Mednafen) works on Android.  Vulkan is a low level graphics API like DirectX 10 and Metal.  Don’t expect miracles, as GPU isn’t the bottleneck in either of these emulators.
  • Improved performance
  • Android: Fixed longstanding touch bug
  • Android: GLES3/3.1 support.  This enables the new fancy interface on supporting devices (2nd Gen 2015 Fire TV is only Fire TV device that supports 3.1, 1st Gen 2014 Fire TV supports 3.0)

I’ll update the main RetroArch post ASAP.

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