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Plague Inc. is a “Strategy Simulation” mobile game that’s been out since 2011 on iOS and that has been in the Amazon app store for almost 5 years after being ported to Android by Miniclip.  It’s one of those apps that you see in the charts and it’s $0.99 and either you grab it at some point or you don’t.  For a long time I didn’t, but I recommend that you do.

The basic idea is that you control the evolution of a disease that pops up somewhere in the world with the goal of kill all humans in world before they find a cure.  You start out with bacterial disease, then a viral disease, then fungal, etc., with each new disease unlocked by winning with the preceding one.  Or I guess you could pay some money to unlock everything, but it really feels unnecessary.

The baseline game’s  graphics aren’t spectacular, and, let’s be clear, this isn’t science, but it is a lot of fun and will keep you coming back for “just one more game” a lot of times.  The game also includes premade scenarios that you can play to add a little more variety to the base game.

The game has remained at the top of the charts by continuously offering new content.  The new content is unlockable as in-app expansion pack purchases or by beating all the base plagues in the hardest mode:

  • Necroa Virus Expansion Pack ($1.99) – Zombie Plague
  • Neurax Worm Expansion Pack ($1.99) – Mind Control Plague
  • Simian Flu Expansion Pack ($1.99) – Planet of the Apes tie-in, free trial play available.
  • Shadow Plague Expansion Pack ($1.99) – Vampire Plague, free trial play available.

These expansions play similarly to the base game but add additional layers of complexity on top of it.    If you buy them with Amazon Coins you get a rebate on the purchase, again making Amazon Coins the best way to be efficient with your app cash.  This is how you keep a 6 year old mobile game interesting.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

Amazon says this is compatible with every Kindle Fire except the original 2011 KF.  I have in my arsenal a 2011 KF, 2012 KFHD8.9, 2013 KFHDX7, and 2016 KFHD8.  I have tested back to the 2012 KFHD8.9 with good results.  This is no surprise since the base game was released in 2011.

Developer: Miniclip (port, original game developed for iOS by Ndemic Creations)
Game Web Site:

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