Minecraft: Fire TV Edition

Minecraft: Fire TV Edition


Minecraft: Fire TV Edition

First off, I love Minecraft. I won’t repeat my whole spiel, but you can see it in my Minecraft: Pocket Edition reviewMinecraft Fire TV Edition is essentially the same game, with a few minor tweaks to play on the Fire TV.

Various versions of Minecraft on consoles and tablets were updated in 2017 to work together and allow cross-platform play.  Note that this does not include the original Minecraft, now named Minecraft: Java Edition, and it doesn’t include Minecraft on the Playstation platforms because Sony does not allow cross-platform play.

For some reason Microsoft wants $20 for Minecraft: Pocket Edition downloadable onto your Fire TV.  A month ago you could buy Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your Fire TV for $7, and if you were lucky enough to have downloaded PE before December 2016 on a Fire TV platform, you apparently get a free upgrade.  If you’re like me and only had a 2014 Fire TV Stick, you couldn’t download it.  So now if I buy 2nd generation Fire TV device I get to pay $20 for the game that I already own.  Yikes.

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