Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World


Game: Hungry Shark World
Latest Version Played: 3.0.0
Developer: Ubisoft’s Future Games of London
Game Web Site:

Controller/FireTV CompatibleTouchscreen/Fire Tablet Compatible

As a followup to 2012’s Hungry Shark Evolution, FGOL released Hungry Shark World in 2016.  It’s designed to be a bigger, more expansive version of the game.  You’re still a shark.  You still eat everything you can to keep from starving while leveling up to get stronger.  There are just more places to eat and different upgrades.  Like the original, the more you play, the stronger you can make your sharks and the more sharks you unlock.The game is similarly free to play.  You can spend money to unlock sharks and upgrades, but you never need to spend money to have fun.



Future Games of London continues to update this game regularly, but not on Amazon.  Interestingly, on Amazon Ubisoft (the parent company of FGoL) is listed as the contact, and it seems like it’s likely that this is the disconnect.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

The game plays fine on the Fire TV platform with game controller support (confirmed via sideload), but the Amazon App Store doesn’t list it as compatible.  This is really a shame since Hungry Shark Evolution seems to be a popular Fire TV game.  It requires Android 4.2 or newer, so should be compatible with Fire tablets from the 2013 generation forward.


I have played this game with a game controller on my Fire TV and on touchscreen on my 2016 Fire HD 8.  The game works well both ways, but it seems like the touchscreen controls are the way that it’s designed to be played and the game is better with touchscreen.  If you haven’t played touchscreen, you probably won’t miss it.

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One thought on “Hungry Shark World”

  1. Does using the normal Alexa remote work for you? I don’t have a Fire controller, but the up/down buttons are reversed for some reason when I try to use the normal remote to play. this doesn’t happen in Evolution.

    I tried to test an Xbox controller, but that didn’t work at all for controlling the shark (works in Evolution though).

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