Grand Theft Auto III – 10 Year Anniversary Edition


Continuing a theme, Grand Theft Auto III is a PS2/Xbox game ported to mobile platforms, released for Android in 2012.  Like other ports from the same era, you’re getting the full game, in this case called the 10 Year Anniversary Edition, adapted for touch screen input.  This version actually has higher resolution, upgraded textures, and increased draw distance than the original PS2/Xbox versions available (resolution and draw distance are configurable in the game).

While GTA3 is the 3rd installment in the series, it’s the first 3D version of the game, and really the basis of all the games that followed with an open world, “you can roam around and do anything that works within the game engine” model.


  • The game definitely isn’t for little kids.  Seriously.  Like, not at all.
  • If your download fails, for instance due to lack of space, it seems like the install may fail on future attempts even if you’ve corrected things.  Rockstar’s mobile support page mentions the instructions (>5 years old didn’t seem to be helpful).  I had one device get stuck this mode and was successful in clearing the Amazon store’s caches using ES File Explorer and doing a hard reset and getting it to install. I’m not sure what the cleanest way to deal with this on each and every device is, but here’s the support post that got me started.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

The game is listed as compatible with most of the Fire OS platform, all the way back to the original Kindle Fire HD from 2012.  This makes sense because it requires Android 4.0.  The only Kindle Fire that has Android 4.0 but that isn’t listed as supported is the 2012 software refresh of the original Kindle Fire, and the 2016 Fire  HD, which isn’t listed for any games in this series.  I loaded the game on a 2012 Fire HD 8.9 and it played fine on the default settings, which were relatively low.  The upside of the low default settings is that you don’t have trouble when you load the game on low spec devices.  The downside is that it takes some trial and error to figure out what’s good when you load it on a higher spec device.

On the Fire TV side, the game supports all hardware except for the 2014 Fire TV Stick, which is notably weaker in graphics capabilities than the rest of the Fire ecosystem.


One the tablet side, I had trouble with the basic controls.  I probably could have gotten better, but I found them frustrating out of the box.  They seem extremely configurable, but, like so many console ports, the game simply plays much, much better with a controller, and I quickly went that direction.  Once you move to a controller, you can play the game as it was designed.

GameCircle Integration:

This game contains no GameCircle integration.

Developer: War Drum Studios (port, original game developed by RockStar Games)
Game Web Site:

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