Goat Simulator: Free Through Amazon Underground


OK, this game is, putting it simply, stupid. It’s also kind of a hoot, and nothing beats free for testing whether or or not it works for you. Run around, lick things, destroy things, and jump on trampolines.  You know, goat things.  My son (9) discovered it and played for hours immediately.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

Amazon says this is compatible with every Kindle Fire except the original 2011 KF.  I have in my arsenal a 2011 KF, 2012 KFHD8.9, 2013 KFHDX7, and 2016 KFHD8.  I have tested back to the 2012 KFHD8.9 and, while it works, that hardware is really too slow and not recommended.  The 2013 KFHD uses the same hardware as the 2012 KFHD8.9, so that’s probably another no-go.

It plays OK on the 2013 KFHDX7, so I’d say that’s the minimum for the game to really be playable.

For some reason, even the paid version doesn’t show up as available for the Fire TV product line (Underground doesn’t work for Fire TV, unfortunately), which is a real shame, as the came is fun with a controller and would work well on the Fire TV series.

I have confirmed that the game plays even on the lowest spec 2014 Fire TV Stick, though framerates could be a bit better, and that the Underground version can be loaded via the sideload method.


Amazon doesn’t say it’s compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller, but it actually plays well with the game controller and I recommend this.

Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
Game Website: goat-simulator.com

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Amazon Links:

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