Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire Tablet Benchmarks

Device performance is important, and with Amazon’s latest Fire TV being a step back in performance from the 2nd generation model, I thought I would benchmark as much of the ecosystem as possible to take a little closer look at the performance of different Amazon Fire OS devices.

My plan with this article is to make it evergreen, updating it as new hardware is tested and released, or new benchmarks are released.

Tested Hardware

My starting point is to test every piece of hardware I own, but I hope to buy/borrow other hardware to expand things going forward.  If you’d like to contribute an older Fire tablet (or a Fire Phone!) to the mix, please let me know.  I’d love to get complete coverage of the Fire OS ecosystem.

CPUGPUFire OS VersionAndroid API Level
2011 Kindle Fire 7TI 4430HS
2X Cortex-A9
1.0 GHz
PowerVR SGX540
304 MHz
(Current Version Benchmarks Do Not Run on This Android 2.3.3 Based OS)


2012 Kindle Fire HD 8.9TI 4470HS
2X Cortex-A9
1.5 GHz
PowerVR SGX544
384 MHz
(Current Version Benchmarks Do Not Run on This Android 4.0.3 Based OS)
2013 Kindle Fire HDX 7Qualcomm 800
4X Krait 400
2.2 GHz
Adreno 330
450 MHz
OpenGL ES 3.0
2016 Fire HD 8Mediatek MT8163V/B
4X Cortex-A53
1.3 GHz
Mali T720-MP2
650 MHz
OpenGL ES 22
2017 Fire HD 8Same As 2016Same As 2016Same As 201622
2014 Fire TV StickBroadcom BCM28155
2X A9 @1.0 GHz
VideoCore IV Capri VC4
??? MHz
OpenGL ES 2.0 22
2016 Fire TV Stick
MediaTek MT8127D
4X Cortex-A7
1.3 GHz
Mali 450 MP4
??? MHz
OpenGL ES 2.0
2015 Fire TVMediaTek MT8173C
2X A72 @ 2 GHz
2X A53 @ 1.573GHz
PowerVR GX6250
??? MHz
OpenGL ES 3.1 22
2017 Fire TVAmlogic
4X Cortex A53 @ 1.5 GHz
Mali 450 MP3
??? MHz
OpenGL ES 2.0
2018 Fire TV Cube*Amlogic
4X Cortex A53 @ 1.5 GHz
Mali 450 MP3
??? MHz
OpenGL ES 2.0

* I do not intend to spend my money to benchmark the 2018 Fire TV Cube since it’s basically the same hardware as the 2017 Fire TV, with the following exceptions: The 2017 Fire TV throttles due to power/heat limitations more than the 2018 Fire TV Cube, and Alexa’s listening task consistently takes CPU time that is otherwise available on the 2017 Fire TV.

Benchmarks Performed

The next question is what benchmarks should I use?  Since this site has an obvious gaming focus, I picked 2 graphics benchmarks and one CPU only benchmark, and I used the latest version of each one.


Testing Methodology

In each test, the device is tested from a clean boot.  Some devices are in active use in our household, and as such will not be restored to defaults prior to testing.  When I have an opportunity to reset these devices to default and retest, I will do so.  Finally, to the extent that new OS releases change performance, my plan to leave both new and old release in the results for comparison.

Battery powered devices will be fully charged, then disconnected from power during the test.  Fire TV devices will be tested at 1080p.  I will add 4k testing in the future for capable devices, but I don’t currently have a good setup for this.

Update Notes

  • 7/28/18 Updates
    • Added 2017 Fire TV
    • Added 2018 Fire TV Cube with note that I don’t intend to benchmark it
    • Updated Geekbench from 4.2.0 to 4.2.3
    • Updated 3DMark to build 4580 from 4574
    • Updated devices running to
    • Retested against OS and software updates to verify that results didn’t change.  Some performance improvements were seen with Fire OS and updates were made.

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