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Game: Evoland
Developer: Shiro Games
Game Web Site: http://evoland.shirogames.com/

Controller/FireTV CompatibleTouchscreen/Fire Tablet Compatible

Evoland isn’t available in Amazon’s app store, but it’s the first game I tested significantly from the February 2017 Android RPG Humble Bundle on my Fire TV.

Evoland is a unique (I believe) kind of retro-ish game that plays on concepts from Zelda games and JRPG games.  The unique “gimmick” is that the game starts out black and white, no sound, and leads you through unlocking various “capabilities” of the games as you progress.

So far me the gimmick is the fun, with gameplay being merely adequate, but I might just be getting to the meat of the game, I’m a little uncertain.  You actually circle back through areas from the early game and they’re greatly changed, even though they’re the same.  Progression, as far as I’ve played, is pretty linear, and you gradually progress from a game that looks like it is running on the original Gameboy to a more modern game, switching between Zelda-like play and JRPG type play.

Their video might be the best way to wrap your brain around it:



  • Since this game is not available from Amazon, you will have to sideload it to get it onto your Fire device.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

I have tested the game on my 2015 Fire TV (2nd Gen).


I have played this game with a controller on my Fire TV with no problems.  I have not played it on touchscreen.

GameCircle Integration:


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