Duck Tales Remastered

Duck Tales: Remastered

Duck Tales Remastered

The original NES Duck Tales game is considered a classic, and the Duck Takes Remastered remake is pretty cool.  It’s available on just about any platform you can imagine, including Android.  Amazon sells this game for the Fire platforms, and it’s available for the Kindle Fire platform free through Amazon Underground, or for $5 otherwise, including the Fire TV platform.

While the original game is a typical NES era platformer that will send you back to the starting line when you fail, the Remastered edition includes an Easy mode that checkpoints you and lets you progress through the game easily.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

The game plays on every Fire OS device from 2013 onward except the original 2014 Fire TV Stick. The game requires Android 4.2 or newer, and the 2013 devices have been updated to a Fire OS based on 4.4.

I have tried the sideload method with the Amazon Underground version of this game on my 2014 Fire TV Stick and there were multiple issues. The pay version of this app is also not listed as compatible with the 1st gen Fire TV Stick, so there is some sort of platform problem.


The pay version, which came bundled with 2015 Amazon Fire TV (2nd Gen) Gaming Edition, has Fire TV specific customizations, including showing the Fire TV Remote and Fire TV Game Controller with Alexa controls when paused. When played on a tablet, touch screen controls are overlayed, even when a game controller is connected to the tablet.

GameCircle Integration:

In the pay version, Amazon GameCircle integration is broken. It logs in as a Guest account and includes a “Test Leaderboard” that doesn’t appear to function. In the Underground version, this has been cleaned up and no integration is presented.

Developer: Disney Games (Android port by Trihedron)
Game Web Site:

Amazon links:

Amazon Underground Download (Free)
My Amazon Review

Paid Version Download ($5)
My Amazon Review

Bundled with 2015 Amazon Fire TV (2nd Gen) Gaming Edition

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