Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny

Game: Doom & Destiny
Developer: HeartBit Interactive
Game Web Site:
Tested Version:

Controller/FireTV CompatibleTouchscreen/Fire Tablet Compatible

Doom & Destiny is the second game I tested significantly from the February 2017 Android RPG Humble Bundle on my Fire TV.  The game is a JRPG style game  about 4 guys playing D&D (Doom & Destiny, not Dungeons & Dragons?) and getting sucked into a parody of JRPG games and games in general.  The dialog and storyline in general make fun of every RPG trope in the world.  King McGuffin?  Zelda references?  Star Wars references?  Lord of the Rings references?  Clearly nothing in this game takes itself seriously.

Originally developed for the Xbox 360 in 2011, and ported to Android in 2013 , the game plays well with a controller, and seems to have pretty solid game mechanics.

Being a game from 2013, the hardware and Android version requirements are low and it will play on just about anything.  The version on Amazon’s app store is older than my tested version, and Amazon doesn’t show it being compatible with very many of my devices (only my 2016 Fire TV Stick and 2012 Kindle Fire HD 8.9, of all things).  The game seems to play fine a wide variety of my hardware, so I’d say that the Amazon store requirements are probably in error, which is a real shame, as the game is fun.

A playthrough should take 20-30 hours, so for $3 it’s a pretty good deal.


  • Not for kids, as the game’s dialog and humor includes language and other mature content.

Fire Hardware Compatibility:

I have tested the game on the:

  • 2015 Fire TV (2nd Gen)
  • 2014 Fire TV Stick (1st Gen)
  • 2016 Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen)
  • 2012 Kindle Fire HD 8.9


I have played this game with a controller on my Fire TVs with no problems.  Considering that the game was originally developed on a console, it isn’t surprising that I liked the game better with a controller than using the touchscreen simulated controller.  I’m sure that if I played it longer on touchscreen I would get used to those controls and be OK with them, but it’s clearly this is a game controller first game.

GameCircle Integration:

N/A for Humble Bundle version that was tested.  The game does support cloud saving using Microsoft Onedrive, which is a nice feature, though it requires a bit of manual effort, as you have to transfer your save games to and from the cloud each time you transition.  I was able to log into my Onedrive account using Firefox on my Fire TV and transfer my saves between two different Fire TVs.

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Amazon Links:

Amazon Download ($3)
My Amazon Review

2 thoughts on “Doom & Destiny”

  1. I have a 2nd gen fire TV. I’ve always been curious as to why it says it’s not compatible. I see you’ve tested it on a 2nd gen. Do I need to do anything special when downloading to ensure compatibility?

    1. The Amazon version just seems to have the wrong compatibilities listed. This seems to be too common, it seems. I used the version I bought from Humble Bundle and sideloaded it.

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