2016 Amazon Fire TV Game Controller with Alexa (2nd Gen)

Second Generation Fire TV Game Controller
Second Generation Fire TV Game Controller

The Fire TV Game Controller with Alexa (2nd Gen) is, as Amazon’s name suggests, the second Fire TV game controller they’ve released.   As the name suggests, there’s now Alexa integration.  It also takes a cue from several other console controllers and includes a headphone jack, which is a great addition even when you’re not using it for gaming, as it lets you use wired headphones tethered only to the controller.

The controller uses 2 AA batteries instead of having an internal battery.  The upside is that you can easily swap out batteries when they are low (we all have a million rechargeable AA’s, right?) and the controller doesn’t have to go to a special place to charge.  The downside is that usually controllers with an internal battery have a Lithium Ion battery, are more compact, and have longer times between charges.

Unlike the first gen Amazon Fire Game Controller, which used Bluetooth and is no longer available, this version uses WiFi Direct.  This means “no joy” for anyone who was using their controller with the Fire tablets.  Though this could be changed in the future with software updates, it would likely only be for newer Fire tablets.

Fire Ecosystem Compatibility

The following devices I have personally tested:

  • 2015 Fire TV (2nd Gen) – Fire OS v.
  • 2016 Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) – Fire OS v.

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