Amazon’s Fire Device Portfolio In One Place

Amazon’s been making Fire devices since the original Kindle Fire was released in 2011.  Because some years there’s a Fire, or a Fire HD or a Fire HDX, and other years there isn’t, it’s a bit hard to keep up with.  Amazon has a developer page with basic specs of all the devices that makes a good starting point, but things like software releases aren’t updated there, and the specs aren’t always a deep dive.  Wikipedia has the devices split across multiple pages, and every time I check those pages I find that they’re not up to date.

I’ve created a spreadsheet of the Amazon Fire devices, specs, etc. The spreadsheet started as a merge of the various Wikipedia tables, but I merged them all together and made them align so you can see the whole Fire device portfolio in one place.  It still has *some* Wikipedia references, but it’s far from complete.  My idea here is to have a spreadsheet that can be exported to update Wikipedia tables, so ideally it will have proper and complete Wikipedia footnote references in it across the board, but I haven’t completed that task, and in some cases the Wikipedia footnotes need to be created.

My Fire Devices Google Sheet

If you’d like to help update it, use the link inside Google Sheets to request edit access.  It looks like this:

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