What is The Ultimate Amazon Fire TV Gaming Site?  Once upon a time (in college) I took over a little thing called “The Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page.”  It was editing HTML in text editors and was some of the finest web design that 1996 had to offer.  Really.

More recently, I started a blog on random technology:


I did a series of posts on the original Fire TV Stick.  The most popular one turned out to be the gaming one, where I talked about installing emulators.  As the owner of multiple generations of Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire TV devices, I realized that Amazon’s ecosystem has some decent Android gaming capability but it’s a mess for the average user to figure out, both because Amazon’s app store is a bit chaotic with lots of junk floating to the top, and the fact that so many games are modern mobile time wasters rather than actually interesting games.  I thought I’d take a stab at creating something to help people figure out what’s worth checking out.   The name is a tribute to that web site from 20 years ago.