First Generation Amazon Fire Game Controller

2014 Amazon Fire TV Game Controller (1st Gen)

First Generation Amazon Fire TV Game Controller
First Generation Amazon Fire TV Game Controller


The first Amazon Fire Game Controller, released in 2014, is a Bluetooth controller for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet ecosystem.  It is an adequate controller much of the time, with an Xbox style layout, but the analog sticks and the D Pad leave something to be desired.  The upside is that it works with nearly the entire Fire ecosystem, only missing early Kindle Fires that didn’t support Bluetooth.

The controller uses 2 AA batteries instead of having an internal battery.  The upside is that you can easily swap out batteries when they are low (we all have a million rechargeable AA’s, right?) and the controller doesn’t have to go to a special place to charge.  The downside is that usually controllers with an internal battery have a Lithium Ion battery, are more compact, and have longer times between charges.

One of the downsides for me for this controller is that it doesn’t work with other gaming systems I have.  If you’re wanting to use something with both your PC and your Fire TV (not stick), I recommend looking at the Sony Dualshock 4.

It has been replaced by the 2016 Amazon Fire TV Game Controller with Alexa (2nd Gen), which uses WiFi Direct instead of Bluetooth, meaning it’s really just a Fire TV controller.

Fire Ecosystem Compatibility

The following devices I have personally tested:

  • 2015 Fire TV (2nd Gen) – Fire OS v.
  • 2016 Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) – Fire OS v.
  • 2014 Fire TV Stick (1st Gen) – Fire OS v.
  • 2012 Kindle Fire HD 8.9
  • 2013 Kindle Fire HDX 7
  • 2016 Fire HD 8

Amazon Link:

2014 Amazon Fire TV Game Controller (1st Gen, no longer available)

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